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Warmth, comfort and cleanliness are key elements to making a house a home. This is why in almost every home, a hot water system and various other heating systems are always needed. Your home is where your family is, so it deserves only the best. When it comes to bringing warmth to your home, typical heating systems just aren’t enough. To have the best and give your family the best, you need a highly efficient solar hot water system.

Inform Energy is the Australian distributor of ROTEX and a premier manufacturer of solar hot water systems Australia wide. Having started way back in 1986, we have the knowledge and experience that every household can rely on when it comes to residential, as well as commercial heating.

We offer supply and installation* of highly efficient and energy-saving domestic hot water, hydronic heating and spa/pool heating through solar contribution,  heat pumps, and gas or electric heat sources for residential and commercial hot water systems. Our hot water systems are STC approved, giving you the ultimate assurance that our products are safe, innovative and highly effective. So when it comes to high quality, reliable solar hot water systems, you simply can’t go wrong with Inform Energy.

Here at Inform Energy, we are not only particular with customer satisfaction, we also give value to the environment. We are focused on manufacturing highly efficient hot water systems. Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane residents, to name a few, have benefitted greatly from these energy-saving products. More and more are choosing these systems knowing they are saving energy and environmentally friendly. It’s time you and your family experience the benefits for yourselves, and buy a solar hot water system from Inform Energy.

When you buy a hot water system from Inform Energy, you not only fulfil your family’s need for warmth and hygienic water, but also get the best value for your money by saving energy. Contact us today to get the best solar hot water system for your home. We also cater to hotels and commercial buildings needing hot water systems Australia wide.


*Installation available at selected areas only

What our clients are saying...
  • "We have seen these systems as the best option available on the market for the peak demands and continual usage evident ... Moreover, we have been impressed with the reliability of these systems."

    - G.E., Maintenance

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  • "I don't think a product or service ... in my years as Assistant Engineer has contributed so positively in reducing energy and maintenance costs"

    - R.D., Assistant Engineer

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  • "The guys were terrific, very professional and helpful."

    - S.K., NSW homeowner


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